Project Approach

Studio 2912 strives to provide unique solutions to every project. We do this by utilizing three principles in all our design solutions:

  • Collaboration and communication with the client and the team members
  • Research of the project’s unique components
  • Workable, creative solutions that are sustainable


In every project we see ourselves as part of a team. The team always varies based on the project and can include a number of different members – from clients to community members, residents, visitors, other consultants, artists, and more. We value the opinions and ideas of the team and understand that the design process stems not from one person, but from the collective whole. We believe that listening and connecting with our team is as important as designing.


With any assignment, Studio 2912 begins with research and inspiration. Each project has its own unique history, culture, community and landscape that drives the design process and we understand there are a number of diverse factors that will influence the design solution.

Creative Solutions that are Sustainable

We recognize that because every project is unique, every project deserves a creative, original design, not a reproduction of former designs. In addition to this, the sustainability of the design is also key to the design process. Sustainability includes not only the approach to the project, but also the materials selected for the site and understanding how the design will – or will not – be maintained once it is completed. We are truly committed to creating a final professional design that is creative and sustainable for the end user.